The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Forgive me it’s been a busy summer and sitting down at the computer to think and type out a story has been been put on the back burning. Needless to say, fall is approaching. My favorite-est time of year! The cooler nights the sun-shiney days, crunchy leaves. The garden is finishing up, I’m gonna have time to other things now!

Maybe I’ll get to writing again. So have patience, the inspiration will come back as I get more sleep and time to think and muse on all the lessons God is teaching me.

Lately I’ve been dwelling on God’s sacrificial love for us. How He gave up his power and lived a life choosing to be a servant. What does that look like for me to live a life of love? Well I’m thinking on this . . . maybe it’ll come up in a story soon.

Here’s to the end of summer (at least here in Alberta, because I’ve already had three frosts and piles of crunchy yellow leaves to jump in). It’s definitely fall here—the most wonderful time of year!

Some of my Fall Favs:

Orange Pumpkins
Yellow leaves
Corn Mazes
Straw Bales
Elk Rut
SunflowersWhat’s your favorite-est time of year?

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