About Jake

My nickname is Jake and I enjoyed living and working in some of Canada’s most beautiful and remote wilderness as a horse wrangler, guide and camp cook.  I love The Bush, The Back Country, The Wilderness. Whatever you want to call it. If it involves horses and mountains, waterfalls and float planes, rocks and wildflowers, wood stoves and wild game, cabins and tents. I love it!

I wish to share some of the beauty I encountered as well as the lessons I learned about myself and what God whispered to my soul during that time of my life.  Of course He is still whispering to my soul and teaching me lessons every day!


7 Responses to About Jake

  1. jean straub says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. God bless.

  2. Lois Bell says:

    A friend forwarded your article to me and I’m so thankful I took the time to read it because it struck me to the core that you’re bang on about having to re-think how we live life. Maturity in Christ is about becoming more dependent, and that’s contrary to all other aspects of our lives. Thanks for sharing your discovered wisdom in your journey of faith in our most amazing God!

  3. Jake says:

    Thank you Lois, I’m glad you took the time to read all my ramblings and that some of it made sense to you! It’s are concept that I think takes a lifetime of learning! And yes we have a most Amazing God! Blessings!

  4. Dick Snook says:

    The picture of you, your horse and your dog reminds me of the few happy years I had immediately before my mother suddenly passed away. (Dad also let me have a Cooey single shot .22.) Life changed dramatically and swiftly with her passing that long ago August day. Maybe that is one of the reasons for me August was/is a sad time of the year. Thanks for sharing your fascinating stories.
    Dick S.

    • Jake says:

      Oh I love that picture of me and Chevy, it was a happy time. It makes me so sad, as this week that good ole faithful dog died. I understand completely how life can take a dramatic turn and how a time of year can be such a sad time because of a loved one’s death. Thanks for taking the time to read Dick.

  5. Hi Heather! I’m trying to find your email/Facebook but my Facebook is glitching and I don’t have your email haha! Long story short, I’ve been asked on very short notice to give the message/devotional tomorrow at church. For about a year, your blog about the Pamper Pole (lol!) has been on my heart and in the back of my mind as a “if ever I need to give a talk last minute, I think this would be a great thing to read!” (I’ve learned a lot about spontaneity from the church we’re working at hehe!) Low and behold, the Lord was preparing me for this moment! As I didn’t have time to put together a full ‘sermon’, and as your blog entry so beautifully describes what it is to trust Jesus AND the limitlessness of His grace (yay!), I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me sharing it at church? Please let me know! nicolebrittanyberg@gmail.com or on facebook (I’m on David’s profile if we aren’t already friends)! xoxo God bless you and thanks for inspiring me in my relationship with Jesus 🙂 hugs!

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